Bringing New Hampton and New Hampshire History to Life

"Maintaining our town's history and culture is paramount when it comes to New Hampshire's fourth grade social studies. The New Hampton Historical Society has been preserving our state's past and telling its rich stories for generations. It is with their support that our students create lasting educational impressions. A partnership between the NHHS and New Hampton Community School has resulted in a myriad of benefits for students. The Historical Society has enriched the classroom by introducing its exhibitions, hands-on artifacts, activities, and primary resources, to provide tangible items for the students to examine and discuss." – Teacher Scott McCann, New Hampton Community School

The Traveling Treasure Chest: A Program for Fourth-Graders

Every other week from autumn through spring, Vice President and Program Chairman of the New Hampton Historical Society Bob Curry brings the "Traveling Treasure Chest" to New Hampton Elementary School's fourth grade class. In the chest lies a secret historical artifact from the New Hampton Historical Society’s Dana Hill Road museum. Mr. Curry talks to the children about the history of their community and shows them old items of great interest. Coordinating with the teacher, Scott McCann, these story times relate to the course of study being taught. Recently the class has learned about Abanaki grinding stones, the history of local scythe manufacture, holiday festivities for the harvest season, and wintertime. Questions are many, and the 45-minute class time speeds by. Making history "live" is great fun!

Upcoming Events

Our museum is opening a display of old bottles this summer, and we are hoping to have some old bottles from folk in the community .  If you do have a bottle with a story,  please call Carole Curry at 744-9798  about lending or donating them to us to enhance our collection.  
Our display, entitled “Message In A Bottle”,  will feature bottles of all types from ink wells, perfume and medicine to ancient gin and whiskey.    Information and books about collecting and identifying bottles will be available.   There is so much history hidden in old bottles.  Many were found in the walls of houses in New Hampton and other towns.  There is nothing quite like going on an ”old bottle dig”!
The Museum on Dana Hill Road will be open this summer on Saturdays, June 25 through August  27  from10:00 AM until 12:00 Noon.  Please stop in on Old Home Day  when we will be open all day. Visits may also be scheduled with our Curator, Carole Curry , by calling 744-9798.  Drop in sometime and see how the museum has developed over the last ten years.   There have been many folks who have lived in New Hampton for decades and yet have never been in to see our collections.  Recently,  I came across this quote: “If you don’t know where you have been, then you won’t know where you are going.”  Come in and see where we have been in our town, New Hampton!
 Hope to see you there,  
Carole Curry, Curator